Dear Caring Adults,

I am trusting that the Lovely Learners in your company all enjoyed their holiday break! Now that they’re back to school and most of us Caring Adults are back to our regular work schedules and routines, I would like to implore you to add one more thing to your list of goals for 2023.

The subjects of balanced mental wellness and healthy self esteem have been popular topics for children in general. With this being said, various studies have shown that Black children in North America tend to be negatively affected more often than those of other racialized groups.

Mental wellness tends to be on the lower side in the winter months due to the shorter days and colder temperatures. Being more attentive to your moods while making sure that your minds and bodies are receiving as much care as possible is imperative because of this. So, for 2023, I’d like you to incorporate an affirmation routine of your choice with your Lovely Learners. This is intended to help support their wellness, especially during these cooler, darker months and who knows? You may also reap quite a few benefits from this yourself! 😊

If you already have an affirmation routine, I LOVE that for you; keep it going! I’d just challenge you to get creative and switch it up a little or add some variety to it.

Affirmations are positive phrases that you repeat to yourself. They are commonly used to uplift one’s morale and can be said individually or as a group. Saying affirmations as a group such as with your family or in your classroom can contribute to cultivating an environment that’s full of trust and support. When you repeat positive statements to yourself, you begin to believe them and having someone else say them to you is also a great way to sustain belief! Certainty breeds the ability for people to do their best and to have better coping skills when things do not go their way. Affirmations also assist with the release of positive endorphins which promotes a good shift in mindset as well. Our Lovely Learners can definitely benefit from this!

As parents, caregivers, guardians and/ or educators, how can we support our Lovely Learners with an affirmation routine?

  1. Affirm your Lovely Learners as much as you can!

Schedule a time of day to affirm your Lovely Learners until it becomes something that is natural for you to always do! Saying things like “you are intelligent”, “you are beautiful” and “I believe in you,” before they leave for school truly goes a long way toward contributing to a healthy shift of mindset for them.

  1. Let your Lovely Learners get into the habit of affirming themselves!

Have your Lovely Learner repeat a few affirmations that they choose on their own in front of the mirror either upon rising at the top of their day or before settling in for their nighttime rest. Click the link below for some Ms. Love approved examples that are easy and fun to say!

  1. Say affirmations in a group setting!

If you choose to say affirmations as a group, these should be chosen and agreed upon together. Some great examples are as follows. “We encourage each other” and “we deserve the best from each other”. Get creative with this! Do whatever resonates with the group you’re engaging in this with. Perhaps holding hands while reciting them or singing them is something that resonates for your group.

  1. Caring Adults should affirm themselves too!

Always remember that whatever works for the Lovely Learners around you may also be something that your inner child requires too! “I am doing my best and that is enough”, “I am healthy” or “I am a loving and supportive guardian/educator” are some great ideas for you to test out for your own well being.

I’m looking forward to hearing about how you’ve incorporated an affirmation routine into your schedule for 2023, especially during these winter months. Our Lovely Learners deserve the world, so let’s give them the tools they need to feel safe, healthy and secure in it! As per usual, I appreciate you vibing with me!

Until next time… Be Love, Be Light!

~ Ms. Love